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We are a career accelerator with an integrated social impact strategy. Our primary aim is to remove barriers from marginalized groups and drive outcomes leading to sustainable employment across Canada

Meet the Team

Kevin Lawler

Program Lead

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Kurtis Burton-Rowe

IT Manager

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Tori Radford

Program Manager

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Courtenie Merriman

Content Manager

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Kimesha Miller

Community Manager

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John Ayemoba

Research Analyst

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Board of Directors

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Graham Roe

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Orlando Bowen

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Rowan O'Grady

Who We Are

Giving back to our communities is an integral part of our identity

July: We are delighted to announce the donation of 104 paid hours from our amazing project team to contribute to any social impact cause they choose. Stay tuned for the results!

August: The team proudly donated $1,500 towards the Raise the Roof for youth Kilimanjaro Climb in association with the PCF and helping him train. 

September: We were delighted to celebrate our Co-Founder's anniversary; we were delighted to donate $1313.13 to Autism Canada's family support services. Also, in Honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day, we contributed to the amazing work of The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund. 


October: We worked on our health while raising funds for Cancer Research at CIBC's Run For The Cure. 

November: During our first trip to Winnipeg, we supported a local charity, Agape Table serving the local homeless population. We provided non-perishable food items and made a financial donation. 

The experience of joining this community has been enlightening, insightful and literally life-changing. Prior to joining I had a non-existent network. One of the downsides of being new to Canada was the lack of access to people and opportunities that could create real change in my life. I was in a financial and emotional deficit all while struggling with my mental health. That changed significantly due to this organization. 

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